Hack the Piano Chord Piano BootCamp - Recorded Edition


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Hack the Piano LIVE


Our new and unique online Hack the Piano "Chord Piano BootCamp" revolves around 6-, weekly live online training/workshop sessions with Coen in which we will fly through- and dive deeper into the entire Hack the Piano curriculum.

During these six weeks you are expected to do both preparation (mostly reading) as well as 10-30 minutes of practice every day, depending on your skill level.

Perfect as an overview, introduction or even a recap of the Hack the Piano methodology, the BootCamp is suited for anybody, stepping in at any level, to greatly enhance your insights and progress into the world of chord-piano.


Dedicated Online Course

We've set up a unique online course that essentially is a tightly compressed version the Hack the Piano method, flying over its six main pillars: Harmony & composition, chords, rhythms & patterns, extensions, embellishments, (re-)harmonization

Weekly Assignments

As this is an intensive bootcamp, you're expected to put in some work yourself. Complete assignments, 10-30 minutes of study time per day and prep reading for the next lesson.

Weekly Live Sessions

In these 6 live workshops Coen goes over each of the main piano hacking subjects.
Interactive lessons with enough room to ask any question you might have. Missed a session? Simply watch the recorded version for up to 1 year later*

Fast-Track Your Growth

Whether you are more of a beginner to get an intensive overview-introduction out of this (before going over the full Hack the Piano program yourself) or a more advanced player, reviewing and diving deep into chord-piano practice and theory, this scalable BootCamp will boost any player's progress.



Chord Piano BootCamp

  • Week 1: Chords & The Construction of Music
    • Harmony vs. Melody
    • Triads
    • Left hand basses
    • Song Structures
  • Week 2: Chords 2.0
    • Voicing
    • Inversions
    • Left hand Expansion
  • Week 3: Rhythms & Patterns
    • Quarters
    • Eighths
    • (Sixteenths)
    • Breaking (level 1 -> the NOT simultaneously playing of all chords notes)
  • Week 4: Extensions
    • Scales and numbers
    • Additions under 7
    • 7’s
    • 9’s
    • 11’s & 13’s
  • Week 5: Embellishments
    • Breaking 2.0 - “in chord dressing up”
    • Licks intro
    • Improvisation
    • Pentatonic & Blues scales
  • Week 6: (Re-)Harmonization 
    • Degrees
    • Transposing
    • Substituting chords
    • Chord-Improv - Squeezing in Chords
Hack the Piano Chord Piano BootCamp - Recorded Edition