By Chords, by Ear, by Heart
- and like a game.

Following our proven Piano-Hacking methods, trusted and loved by over 100,000 students worldwide, Piano Lingo's Roadmaps are complete, step-by-step course experiences. Built like games, they guide you from your current level, right to the level you want to reach next. 

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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."

Music You Love

With our unique, modern approach, learn how the music you listen to works.


Efficient Learning

We've deconstructed music into word-like blocks. Easy to grasp & remember.


By Ear

Have you ever seen your favorite artist looking at paper while playing? Exactly.



Regular lessons teach how to copy one song. Here we do things a little different. We'll teach you the concepts behind the music.
Fundamentals that can be re-used in all music - so you never waist time blindly imitating, but always grow as a musician.

Our 250+ (and counting) lessons work on any device, anytime, from anywhere.

Music as a Language

Like any language, music is built from word-like blocks called "chords." Our building block approach will teach you to how to use music's universal concepts that are the foundation of all music

Understand Music, Play without sheets

Understanding music means freedom - being able to paint your own musical canvas, playing anything you want - exactly like all contemporary musicians. Whether that is copying what someone else has played, or writing your own music.
The only aid you'd ever want to use - if any - are our convenient custom chord-sheets.

A Complete, Game-Like LEARNING Experience

250+ Lessons

A well balanced mix between HD videos, text, images, multimedia and exercises. Clear, bite-sized and easy to grasp - so you'll make exponential progress.

Community & Webinars

Join our exclusive, live webinars and Q&A's or the discussions in our private Facebook Group. Stuck? Want feedback? Help is always right around the corner.

30+ Course Packs

An astonishing value of more than 30 (and counting) clearly laid-out course packs. Roadmaps that will get you playing exactly what you want.

Evolving Lessons & Updates

Our ever-growing, always-and-from-any-device-accessible lesson database is constantly being updated with new features and lessons.


Get notified of any updates, newly available lessons and our premium-only webinars - live, interactive lessons where Coen himself answers all your questions.

Quizzes & Certificates

Cement your knowledge with exercises and quizzes. Don't forget a thing and know how to implement what you learned effectively and earn certificates to prove it.

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Piano Lingo is currently closed for new subscriptions.

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