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#3 Learn About Piano Lingo's Setup

On Piano Lingo you'll learn to understand and speak music, by following Hack the Piano's "Chord Piano BluePrint" Courses.
You can browse through them, or follow their laid-out route using the Roadmap. The real value then lies in applying their concepts, strategies and tactics in workshops.

#4 Keys & other points

Piano Lingo is mostly set up in an "achievement-driven" way.


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You can use "Keys" to unlock our core "Chord Piano BluePrint" courses.

That's as simple as clicking the "unlock with Keys" button on the course, and - given that you have enough Keys - voila! The course will unlock.

Each month, you will get a fresh set of Keys so you can unlock BluePrint courses of your choice to work on.


Learning Chord Piano going through the BluePrint Courses, by following the Roadmap's set-up, as well as completing exercises in the practice room, will earn you Ability Points (AP) - which you can use to open extra lessons & courses - and Experience Points (EXP) - which will make you grow to the next level and allow access to extras as well.

This way, completing lessons & exercises, you'll continuously "earn" next lessons, courses and extras, which is works wonders for motivation and retention. 

#5 Sign Up For the Chord piano BootCamp

To get a little more guidance on how to go about studying, practicing & applying, with a heavy focus on execution and implementation, sign up now for the Chord Piano BootCamp On-Ramp. It's the very best Chord Piano jumpstart you can take.

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