Piano Lingo Premium Membership

FROM: €12/month

Access Every Course & Lesson & Feature in Piano Lingo's Ever-Growing, Continuously Updated Member-Area

A Premium Membership grants a fixed weekly amount of keys (Piano Lingo's "currency") + 90% discount on additional keys, unlocks all of Piano Lingo's features, allows you to unlock any -lesson, -course*, -exercise, -CoutCam, -additional download/handout and gives a 50% discount on paid add-ons like BootCamp Programs.

*paid add-on courses and live workshops at 50% off regular fees.



Go at Your Own Pace

Keys allow you to skip waits and unlock any course. As a Premium Member, you'll gather them easily in our Practice Room, from you Salary or buying some extra with 90% off in the shop*

Unlock Any Course

Most online courses on Piano Lingo are accessible to everybody, but not all of them. As a Premium Member, you can access any "core(+)" course in the platform**


Premium members get up to 100 extra keys per month to use in any way they please. Open up extra courses, skip lesson-drip waits or get yourself some downloads.

Community & Webinars

Stuck? Want feedback? Join the live coaching calls / Q&A's or the discussions in our private Facebook Group. Help is always right around the corner.

Non-Expiring Course Access

To learn, reviewing past material is highly advantageous. Premium Members can go back and review past courses as often as they like. No more forgetting.

Add-On Discounts

Premium Members get a standard 50% off paid add-ons like BootCamps, Unlockers, downloadable courses & specialized programs and up to 90% off on buying keys.

Practice Room

In the Practice Room you won't just improve your skills, technique, musical insight, groove and ears, but you'll also earn keys doing so.

Quizzes & Certificates*

Cement your knowledge with exercises and quizzes. Don't forget a thing and know how to implement what you learned effectively and earn certificates to prove it.

*want to eliminate all waits and unlock every course & lesson, instantly - "full Roadmap Unlockers" are available at 50% off for premium members
**BootCamp-Courses available at 50% off regular fees

Annual Plan

Yearly Subscription
144 Per Year (= €12/month)
  • Access All Premium Lesson-Areas
  • All Premium Features
  • 30 Weekly Keys
  • 90% Discount on Extra Keys
Best Value

Monthly Plan

Monthly Subscription
24 Per Month
  • Access All Premium Lesson-Areas
  • All Premium Features
  • 20 Weekly Keys
  • 90% Discount on Extra Keys
Piano Lingo Premium Membership
FROM: €12/month