Chord Piano Formula Program

The ultimate Hack the Piano program bundle to learn how to understand music and play anything you want

  Full 8 Week Chord Piano BootCamp Course
  12 one-hour-plus workshops
  Email accountability course
  Scalable weekly exercises & assignments
  Full year Piano Lingo Premium
  Select-your-own journey with custom add-on Courses
  Hack the Piano Complete Download Edition*
  Master-Guide, Practice Beats, MIDIs, Cheat Sheets*
*Bonus Downloads

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Chord Piano Formula Includes:

Chord-Piano BootCamp Master Course - 8 Week Intensive Training Program (€497)

  • Dedicated online program
  • 12, one-hour-plus workshops
  • Weekly Assignments & Exercises
  • Full, hands-on Hack the Piano Methodology overview & deep dive

8 Weeks - 6 Modules - 12 Masterclasses - Intensive HtP Deep-Dive Program


Hack the Piano Level 1 - Online Course Roadmap (€99)

  • 9 Courses:
    What is Pop Piano; Introducing Chords&Patterns; Playing by Chords; Triads Major&Minor; Song Structures 1; Pattern Fundamentals; Left Octaves&5th; Eighth Beats; Wrap Up 1
  • 43 lessons total
  • Instant unlock - full "free flow" access

9 Online Courses - Fully Unlocked

Hack the Piano Level 2 - Online Course Roadmap (€127)

  • 9 Courses:
    Inversions 1; Slash Chords; Chord Breaking 1; Scales Introduction; The Major Scale; Song Structure Level 2; Four-Note Voicings; Triads Aug&Dim; Wrap Up 2
  • 45 lessons total
  • Instant unlock - full "free flow" access

9 Online Courses - Fully Unlocked

Hack the Piano Level 3 - Online Course Roadmap (€147)

  • 10 Courses:
    The Minor Scale; Intervals; Extensions; Sixteenth Beats; Harmonization; Introduction to Licks; Embellishment Techniques 1; Extending Further; Left Hand Voicings; Combi Wrap Up 3
  • 54 lessons total
  • Instant unlock - full "free flow" access

10 Online Courses - Fully Unlocked

Hack the Piano - The Master Guide (€97)

  • 223-page master guide (.pdf format)
  • 100+ example videos
    (online hosted · each video directly- one-click-linked to from within the guide · internet access required)
  • Digital Download - Instant Access

The Method
Downloadable. Lifetime Updates

Hack the Piano Full Download Bundle (€197)

  •  100+ Example Videos
  •  15 Full Length Video Lessons
  •  100+ Example MIDI files
  •  All Chords / Scales Cheat Sheets
  •  Appendix (full course summary)
  •  Practice Beats
  •  57 lessons
  •  Fully Downloadable

Complete Legacy Course Download.
Lifetime Updates

Piano Lingo Premium Access Pass - Premium Areas Access (€180)

  • Access Practice Room
    & Earn Keys by Practicing
  • Access CoutCam Area
  • Access Workshops-Area
  • Non-Expiring courses
    -> Keep access to every course(-module) you unlock*
  • Standard 40% off buying extra Keys
  • Standard up to 50% off paid programs, add-ons & BootCamps

12 Months Premium Access & Updates.
Non-Recurring - Expires after one year**

*On a free plan, courses unlocked with Keys expire after completion or 30 days - whichever comes first.
With an active Premium Membership you'll keep access to every course you unlock.
**After one year, you can re-activate your membership at a discount, or chose to let it expire automatically.

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