Hack the Piano Premium Program

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Hack the Piano - The Complete Guide (.pdf)

  • 223-page master guide (.pdf format)
  • 100+ example videos
    (online hosted · each video directly- one-click-linked to from within the guide · internet access required)
  • Digital Download - Instant Access

The Full Method - Downloadable. Lifetime Updates

Hack the Piano Level 1 - Online Course Roadmap (€147)

  • 9 Courses:
    What is Pop Piano; Introducing Chords&Patterns; Playing by Chords; Triads Major&Minor; Song Structures 1; Pattern Fundamentals; Left Octaves&5th; Eighth Beats; Wrap Up 1
  • 43 lessons total

9-Course Bundle - Lifetime Access & Updates

Hack the Piano Level 2 - Online Course Roadmap (€197)

  • 9 Courses:
    Inversions 1; Slash Chords; Chord Breaking 1; Scales Introduction; The Major Scale; Song Structure Level 2; Four-Note Voicings; Triads Aug&Dim; Wrap Up 2
  • 45 lessons total

9-Course Bundle - Lifetime Access & Updates

Hack the Piano Level 3 - Online Course Roadmap (€247)

  • 9 Courses:
    The Minor Scale; Intervals; Extensions; Sixteenth Beats; Embellishment Techniques; Introduction to Licks; The Pentatonic Scale; Extensions - The 9; Wrap Up 3
  • 42 lessons total

9-Course Bundle - Lifetime Access & Updates

12 Months access to all Piano Lingo features, Lessons & Courses (€144)

Full Access to all of Piano Lingo's features, extra bonus lessons, -courses, exercises, live-lessons/coaching calls and social-group learning:

  • Bonus (Mini) Courses
  • Song Courses
  • Practice Room
  • CoutCam
  • Live Lessons
  • Group & Social Learning
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 100 Monthly Free Extra Keys

Ever-Growing, Continuously Updated Lesson- & Course-Database + Live Lessons - 12 Months Access & Updates

500 Keys - Unlock Anything. Instantly (€247)

  • Unlock Any Course
  • Unlock Any Lesson
  • Skip Any Wait

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  • 3 "Roadmaps" consisting of 9 courses (+ bonus course) each. That's a total of 27 courses, over 180 lessons and more than 150 videos.
  • 12 months access to the full Piano Lingo platform with extra-, specialized courses, lessons, exercises, bi-weekly live lessons from Coen and our community social group learning page.

How to be fluent with all major, minor, diminished and augmented chords in all inversions, different rhythms, breaking up techniques, extensions and able to improvise with this, creating your very own and unique piano parts. To understand music, figure out music, play anything you want and be free on the keys. Play in a band. Write music. Improvise. Play anything on the spot, by heart and on any piano/keyboard.

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To the three Roadmaps (and its 30 courses): lifetime access.

The Piano Lingo access that comes included is valid for 12 months access. So that's a full year. This expires automatically. You can stay on board if you want to after the year at a discount, but don't have to.

A Roadmap is a collection of 9-11 courses, laid out for you to follow in a logical order. Those courses are also referred as "Course Packs." Courses consist out of 4-7 lessons. Each lesson is made up of 2 or 3 elements called "Topics": A Video, Text (optionally enhanced with short video or audio) and an Exercise.

The hierarchy looks like this:

  • Roadmap
    • Course (Pack)
      • Lesson
        • Topic

For sure. Hack the Piano starts at the very start. At the end of the program, after you've gone over all the material, followed all the advice and instructions in the program and practiced enough, you'll be able to play anything you want.

For anybody interested in playing contemporary (pop, jazz, blues, soul, funk, rock etc.) music, this is a great program. 
For those that want to learn how to play piano without sheets, it is too.

Note that Hack the Piano is our full premium program, essentially a bundle of everything we offer.

This means it is for you if you are serious, motivated and ready to make the full commitment, both mentally and financially - you'll essentially be purchasing four €150+ programs (3 Roadmaps and the membership access to the rest of our platform) at once, with combined retail value of about €800, but with a massive discount.

For whom it is not.

For people that want to learn to play classical music exclusively. Although this approach will hugely improve your understanding of classical music as well, but it won't teach you how to read sheets, which is handy for classical music.

It’s also not for people that are already very proficient in playing by ear and with chords (are fluent with all major, minor, diminished and augmented chords in all inversions, different rhythms, breaking up techniques, extensions and able to improvise with this creating their own and unique piano parts)

Absolutely! This is a completely new & unique approach and if anything will only enhance your current lessons. It might even inspire your own teacher to take your lessons to another level.

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