Learn how to play piano like Elton john

A four-week, workshops-based training program, demystifying Sir Eltons signature piano style and teaching how to transform normal chords into Elton-Piano.

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Elton is a Master

A master of Chord Piano.

As one of the founders of modern pop-piano, he has managed to create and record some of the most inspiring contemporary piano parts.

So, how does he do it?
How does he transform seemingly simple chords into his magical piano accompaniments, riffs and intros? How does he think? What does he play exactly?

That is what Play Like Elton shows - step by step.

Here's What You'll Get

In this four-week BootCamp Course, based on our five-star-rated, Roland-featured Chord Piano Methodology “Hack the Piano” we’ll deconstruct every single little detail of Sir Elton’s style into tangible, manageable chunks. 

We’ll demystify his parts, take out any guesswork and learn exactly what makes Elton sound like Elton. 


Using our appraised “Musical Layers”-model, we’ll dig deeper into gradually more advanced levels each week.
You’ll be shown exactly how Elton’s mind and fingers work to learn to understand his music - allowing you to take those skills into all of your future playing.


With the email accountability course -there to support you through the journey, making sure you follow through with reminders, exercises and tips- feedback on your assignments and class-like workshops - we've taken out all the guesswork and paved the clearest possible path to Elton's style.


The main workshops, built from 100% scalable content - truly feel like personal classes.
Choosing your own favorite songs to do the weekly exercises and assignments AND your own add-on modules, gives the program an unmatched personalized touch.


Play Like Elton is built around weekly, 90-minute workshops that grow more advanced - and more exactly like Elton - every week.
Clear, scalable weekly exercises and assignments help you progress and learn as fast as possible.

Sir Elton's Signature Style

Elton John has that distinct sound. A sound that can be heard in any of his songs and is instantly picked out as his style.

In this BootCamp, we'll deconstruct and take a look at which techniques make up that style.
You'll learn not just how to play something in a specific song, but how to use his musical traits in all of your playing.

  • Understand his approach - sound exactly like him.

Here's What You'll Learn

4 Weeks.
4 Workshops.
4 Iconic Style-Traits.

The BootCamp is built around four 90-minute workshops.
Each week we'll tackle a specific trademark stylistic layer of Sir Elton's iconic sound [chords & voicings - patterns, techniques & feel - signature fills & licks - overall style] using one or more of Elton's fantastic songs as vessels to exemplify and demonstrate.

short excerpt from a workshop

Week 1 - Elton Chords & Voicings

The first step in learning how to sound like Elton is to learn how he arranges his notes on the keyboard. In week 1 we’ll take an in-depth look at Elton’s favorite way of grabbing chords, which is the harmonic foundation of all the rest of his style.
Week 1

Week 2 - Elton Patterns & Techniques

Although simply laying down week 1’s voicings like Elton does, will already get you sounding surprisingly close to him, his patterns and techniques - the way he breaks up those chords and connects them to each other - will add the livelihood and make it sound musically, like Elton.
Week 2

Week 3 - Elton Embellishments

Sometimes Elton just likes to riff-and-run. Or even just to add his sparkling improvised piano flare to a tune. Growing a bit more advanced still, we’ll deconstruct and learn typical Elton embellishments - those that he has recorded, as well as those he likes to “throw in” live.
Week 3

Week 4 - Elton Style

Putting everything together, we will take a look at the signature piano-parts of a handful of his song, before wrapping up combining everything we've learned.
Week 4

Elton Songs

Some of the songs we'll analyze: 

"Your Song," "Rocket Man," "Tiny Dancer," "I'm Still Standing," "Daniel," "I guess that's why they call it the blues," "Border Song," "Burn Down the Mission," "Bennie and the Jets," "Amoreena," "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me."  

Completely Personalized Program Expansion

the power of the Piano Lingo platform

eight custom Add-On Course-Modules

After completing each weeks main lesson in the Master-Course, you'll be able to unlock any add-on course (Hack the Piano concept- or song course) in Piano Lingo to add to your program and personalize your learning journey.

4 weekly workshops

In each of these 1-hour+ live sessions, we'll take a thorough and deep dive into Elton's music and style of playing and learn a song of his in full.

online companion course

Find the recorded live-sessions, handouts, extra info, materials, lessons and assignments in this dedicated, always-accessible online course.

assignments & feedback

Complete the assignments, film yourself playing and get coaching, feedback and grading on your progress.

Elton's Signature Style-Traits

The goal of this course is to arm you with not only a bag full of Elton-tricks, but also a true understanding of how he plays piano - to sound like him whenever you want.

Your Instructor

Coen Modder

Coen Modder

Roland-featured author of the Hack the Piano Method.
Musician, Youtuber, traveler, reader, thinker, chord-piano evangelist.
Founder of Piano Lingo & Piano Couture.

Premium Access Included

Piano Lingo Premium Access Pass

Included with all our Premium Programs comes a full year's worth of Piano Lingo Premium Club Membership - access Piano Lingo's "Premium-Only Rooms": Practice Room (exercises), Workshops Room (extra workshops), CoutCam Room (playthrough videos), standard discounts & more member-benefits.

With a Premium Access pass, you can earn-, unlock- and add any of Piano Lingos premium course-modules & lessons to your profile.

Incredible Value

Attending four live masterclasses would run you anywhere from €399 - €799, with the downside that you'd only pick up and remember so much after the class ended. 

Since we have now decided to make this *scalable* program digitally available in streaming format for you to re-watch and re-take as often as you like (scaling up with every go-round) while keeping all of the live-benefits, the actual learning value and convenience has increased dramatically, while the price has come down significantly (over 70%!)

Now that’s a deal.

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Standard Edition

The Full Piano-Linguified Program
197 Lifetime Access
  • All four, 90-minute workshops
  • 4-week Email Accountability Course
  • Online master-companion course - full year access*
  • Piano Lingo Premium Access Pass (full year)
  • Select-Your-Own 8 Add-On Course Modules
  • Assignment grading & feedback
  • Certificate of Completion
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Hack the Piano Bundle
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  • All four, 90-minute workshops
  • 4-week Email Accountability Course
  • Online master-companion course - full year access*
  • Select-Your-Own 8 Add-On Course Modules
  • Assignment grading & feedback
  • Certificate of Completion
  • BONUS: 2 Premium Tutorial Pack Downloads (€79 value)
  • Full Year Piano Lingo Premium Access Pass (€144 value)

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Which includes a unique bonus offer!


Most frequent questions and answers

Access to the 4 workshops, email accountability course, online master-companion course with handouts, downloadable materials, assignments and workshop recordings, select-your-own 8 add-on course modules (songs or Hack the Piano subject-specific mini-courses) are all included with any version.

On the Standard Edition, you get the option to upload your assignments which will be graded by Coen as well as videos of you playing to receive coaching and feedback from Coen, a certificate of completion, (a bonus) - two premium tutorial pack downloads and - most importantly: a year of Piano Lingo Premium Access Pass, which allows you to use the power of the Piano Lingo platform, scoring points to unlock extra course modules, exercises, extra workshops and a whole lot of other content you can unlock.

The Hack the Piano bundle adds the Complete Download Edition of the Hack the Piano, Chord Piano method in the mix at a significant discount - which is a perfect fit, since Elton John's plays through a Chord Piano approach too.

Whenever you want to!

As of this newest release, to bring down costs and make it more accessible, we have decided to make the program available in digital streaming format. It is still presented to be taken in the four week time-frame, to give you the benefits of the live program, but with the added benefits of taking it whenever it fits your schedule.

Apart from the fact that students who did follow the live edition (at a significantly higher price tag) in fact benefitted the most from the recordings, we've still kept all the guiding facets that make this program so step-by-step and valuable active with the email accountability course, coaching and lesson-grading. 

As soon as you activate the program, it takes four weeks to complete it. After that, because the program is scalable to your level at the time, you can choose to retake it however often you like, each time at a gradually more advanced level. 

All of our lessons and all of Coen's teaching is based on the Hack the Piano method - as is this BootCamp.

Even though you will pick up much of the Hack the Piano methodology and how to play chord-piano (this is how Elton plays), it's highly advised you are familiar, if not proficient with that. 

This BootCamp can either function as a perfect introduction, or as a more specialized deep-dive, putting Hack the Piano into practice if you already own the program.

If you're just getting into the Chord Piano mindset, it's highly advised to either get this bundle, or take Chord Piano Formula first.

In a nutshell: how to play and sound like Elton John. 

This doesn't just mean you'll simply learn how to copy 4 of his songs.
You'll also learn how he thinks when playing. How he chooses his chords and voicings, how he writes songs, which (combinations of) patterns he uses and some of his favorite fills, riffs, licks and techniques - so that you'll be able to use that either for tackling more of Elton's songs by yourself, or to transform your overall playing to sound more like him in general.

We will learn "universal" Elton tricks, traits and techniques to actually understand his style. This works on ALL of his songs and you are free to choose your own song, to do the exercises and assignments with. 

Having said that, to analyze and learn his way of playing we will of course use his music. Some songs we will deconstruct include: 

"Your Song," "Rocket Man," "Tiny Dancer," "I'm Still Standing," "Daniel," "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," "I guess that's why they call it the blues," "Border Song," "Burn Down the Mission," "Bennie and the Jets," "Amoreena," "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me."  

Since we are Amsterdam -and thus Europe- based, you'll be charged in Euros. The dollar price depends on the current conversion rate and optionally costs your bank or credit card company charges for the conversion. These costs are outside of our control unfortunately and conversion rates vary by day. 

At the time of writing Google states that the current prices convert to: 

Attendee Ticket Only: $105
Standard Edition: $214
Deluxe Hack the Piano Bundle: $323

Please note that we cover any taxes.

That's the beauty of this new edition: all live sessions are recorded! The recordings can be accessed in streaming format (meaning you can also pause, rewind, fast-forward etc. all things that were not possible when the sessions were held live) in the companion course for up to 12 months after the program ends (or -with a premium membership- indefinitely). 

Was it more fun to join the sessions live? Possibly, but it also came with a price-tag that was twice as high. 
Is it possible to get an equal amount of value out of the program using the recordings of these live sessions? Absolutely - hence this offer.

How does lifetime access sound?

Initially, you'll get a full year access to all content online.

After the year access expires, you can download the entire program which is yours to keep forever, or you can keep access to the online content by getting- or re-activating the Piano Lingo Premium Access Pass (from €10/month) which of course also gives non-expiring access to all other programs, courses, modules you have unlocked + access to Piano Lingos Premium areas. 

Everything in this program is scalable and using the 6 pillars of chord-piano, we'll deconstruct and then build everything we do back up, gradually growing in level of difficulty. 

Having said that, it's advised that you at least have a basic understanding of chords, triads, inversions, quarter- and eighth-beat patterns and extensions - hence us offering a bundle that includes Hack the Piano, which will teach you all of that and more. 

Let me ask you this: Have you ever seen Elton look at sheet music at any of his performances? Exactly. 

That's because he plays chord-piano. He knows his chords, harmony-theory, voicings, patterns and how to play with those. This is how he forms all of his piano parts and this is exactly what you'll learn in this BootCamp too.

Chord-piano. No sheet-music (only chord-sheets).

That's not a question! 🙂 

Just kidding. You can ask me anything by simply sending an email to


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