Learn how to play piano like Elton john

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Elton is a Master

A master of Chord Piano.

As one of the founders of modern pop-piano, he has managed to create and record some of the most inspiring contemporary piano parts.

So, how does he do it?
How does he transform seemingly simple chords into his magical piano accompaniments, riffs and intros? How does he think? What does he play exactly?

That is what Play Like Elton shows - step by step.

Your Instructor

Coen Modder

Coen Modder

Roland-featured author of the Hack the Piano Method.
Musician, Youtuber, traveler, reader, thinker, chord-piano evangelist.
Founder of Piano Lingo & Piano Couture.

How to Play Chord Piano Like Elton John

Learn how Elton John creates his majestic piano parts and see the Elton-approach in action on 3 songs: Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man & Your Song, with handouts provided.